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Peeling with the sea salt 30 min. Price 25 EUR

Peeling + wrapping 60 min. Price 40 EUR

Peeling + wrapping + massage 120 min. Price 55 EUR


Strawberries are full with alpha-hydroxy acids, which intensively regenerates skin.
Strawberries make skin glowing and fragrant, calm the mind and promote happiness in heart. Feel the magic of strawberries and pamper your body with this wonderful berry!



Moisturizes, smoothes, nourishes and softens the skin. Whitens the skin and tightens pores. Strengthens the immune system, removes excess fluid, promotes body weight reduction.


unnamed (3)VEGETABLE MIX

Removes inflammation, cleans, moisturizes, refreshes and whitens the skin. Strengthens the nervous system, it helps to restore strength. Vegetable mix reduces body edema and improves condition of the body overall.


CRANBERRIESunnamed (4)

Procedure causes the elimination of signs of premature skin aging. Main purpose is to revive tired skin, making it glowing and fresh. Cranberries combined with honey cleanses and nourishes the skin, it becomes soft and velvety. In this combination it has antiseptic features as well.


unnamed (6)CHOCOLATE

Chocolate – such a sweet pleasure, which helps to restore lost strength. This procedure is the way to enjoy chocolate without any threat to your body – what more – this ir a great way to treat your skin by nourishing, softening and toning. It helps to get rid of depression, improves mood and reduces the „orange peel” effect, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.



unnamed (8)

The aroma and texture of coffe beans provide an opportunity to relax and achieve the inner mind ballance. The massage ir done with ground coffe scrup, that contains cacao, which softens and nourishes the skin and prevents aging. Procedure gently cleanses the skin, making it mild and creating a light tan.


unnamed (5)HONEY

Honey contains lots of vitamins that nourish tje skin, making it silky. During the procedure honey stimulates blood and lymph circulation. Massage promotes release of toxins ans splash substances, skin and body purification and rejuvenation.




unnamed (6)

White clay absorbs excess fat and normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands. It is gentle to the skin and removes acne pimples.Blue clay softens, tones and slightly whitens the skin. It smoothes wrinkles, improves metabolism, making it suitable for cellulite elimination as well.

Green clay is ideal for deep skin cleaning. Ingrediens are being well absorbed into the skin. Green clay is especially suitable for oily skin and those who suffer from skin defekt – seborrhea. It tightens pores and promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration.

Red clay improves blood circulation and reduces allergic manifestations, that is why it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Yellow clay removes toxins and nourishes the skin with oxygen. It is recomended to wilting skin, because richness of iron and potassium.

Black clay is one of the strongest natural sources in the fight of cellulite and excess weight. It normalizes metabolism in skin cells and activates detoxifying and fat burning process, improves blood circulation.



This procedure is designed for deep skin renewal, which thanks to its composition in maritime salt and oils gently detaches the superficial dead skin cells, creating a feeing of lightness and making the skin silky. It is formulated with almond oil and wheat, which improves skin elasticity, and vitamins A and E, preventing premature skin aging. Orange and tangerine essential oils provide relaxing aroma

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