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Bath Procedures

Bath Procedures


Aromatic bath, body scrub with bathing glove, massage with foam, whole body massage, face mask of seaweed and relaxing tea.
Turkish bath or Hammam (Hamam) is derived from the Roman Baths in ancient times. “Hammam” in Arabic means “warm, deliver heat.” The Turkish bath is a celebration of the senses – heat, humidity, foam, aroma and touch, creating a work of art for a pleasurable experience.
In the Arabic world hammam is not just a steam bath. Above all, this is an ancient ritual.
Turkish bath procedure stimulates immune system by increasing the production of antibodies. A good healthy sweat can help to relieve pain and stiffness of joints and muscles. It is also excellent for detoxification. It can reduce cellulite by releasing the toxins from the fat cells. During a steam bath, blood flow and nutrients to skin are increased resulting in a glowing, healthy complexion.

unnamed (7)Body Pealing with КЕSSЕ – an inseparable part of the traditional Turkish bath. This is a procedure that is created to clean body and prepare the skin for sunbeams. After the warming in the bath, body is being cleaned with a special glove (Kesse) in order to remove the upper layer of dead cells. Afterwards, body is applied in an attractive soap massage, during which you immerse in a real foam cloud.
Washed like a baby you are expected for a whole body massage in other cozy room while listening to quiet and calming music. Here you can relax, forget your daily routine and feel the lightness of your body.

120 min. Price 85 EUR


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