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Offer for couples

Offer for couples

Some couples enjoy being together every minute of the day, other prefer going their own way but meeting for special experiences. Either way, a romantic massage or SPA procedures for couple will make a wonderful gift for you and your loved one…

It might be a big event like wedding or anniversary or gesture as thanks for an entertaining event or help during an emergency. It might be a reminder that even with the arrival of a baby or a departure of a new graduate, time spent together is still important.

Choosing the Massage
Both partners might want the same type of massage or one person might like SPA procedure, while the other prefers some other kind of Massage options.
There are numerous choices available for romantic couples. Our therapists will discuss massage options with you before your session, so they know exactly what you want from your experience.

60 min. Price for the couple 80 EUR
90 min. Price for the couple 100 EUR
120 min. Price for the couple 110 EUR

3 h. Turkish bath (HAMAM) price for the couple 170 EUR


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