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We would like to invite you to enjoy delicious meals in a cosy ambience at the PORTO RESORT restaurant and on the summer terrace with a beautiful view of the lake.


Coal grilled dishes  
Pork shashlik in a Georgian-style marinade   12,50
Chicken shashlik   11,50
Juicy pork ribs 13,50 
Lyulya kebab: mutton and beef mix with oriental spices   14,00
Pork chalagach: pork chop with bone 13,50
Beef steak 19,50
Salmon steak 12,70
Grilled gilt-head bream with spinach, and chickpea, red onion and lettuce salad 13,50
Whole grilled trout 14,50
We serve the meat and fish dishes with:  
Grilled vegetables  
Vegetable salad   
 Beef burger with French fries  8,00
Chicken burger with French fries 7,90
Salmon burger with French fries 8,90
Salads & Snacks  
Garlic croutons with chili sauce   3,00
Beer appetiser platter (for two): smoked cheese, deep-fried onion rings, calamari rings, rye croutons and garlic sauce   8,00
Deep-fried onion rings with tzatziki sauce   4,00
Buffalo wings with spicy BBQ sauce   4,00
Deep-fried calamari rings   4,00
Caesar salad with Parmesan cheese, croutons and chicken   6,80
Caesar salad with Parmesan cheese, croutons and bacon   6,50
 Caesar salad with Parmesan cheese, croutons and tiger shrimps  9,50
Roast beef salad 7,50
Greek salad 5,00
Kharcho   5,00
Homemade solyanka with lemon and olives   4,50
The chef’s fish soup   5,50
Cold soup 3,50
Pasta carbonara 6,00
Pasta with chicken, cherry tomatoes and spinach in curry sauce 6,50
Pasta with seafood 7,00
Vegetarian dishes
Pasta with vegetables 5,50
Grilled vegetables with mozzarella cheese 7,00
Belgian wa e with ice cream   3,80
Panna Cotta with berry-peppermint sauce   4,50
Assorted ice cream with seasonal berry sauce   4,00

 * prices in EUR with VAT